What is a UTR Number?

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UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference) is a unique set of 10 numerals allocated automatically.
By the SA computer system when a taxpayer record is set up. By the CT computer system when a company taxpayer record is set up. The same UTR will be used to set up an SA record for the company, where required. If you are becoming a self employed, you need to register with HMRC to obtain your UTR number.

Please note. we are not HMRC or the issuing body for UTR number or forms and we provide a paid and independent service to our customers. If you would like further information either
contact us or go to the official site for HMRC.

New worker arriving in the United Kingdom.
If you just arrived into the United Kingdom for a new job with a company or as a self employed, you many need some help and advice in dealing with your taxes, from self assessments, opening a bank account, UTR Number, National Insurance and much more issues you may not be familiar with.

We can help you with many of these issues, just get in touch with us and we will review your situation and make sure to give you a quote and service needs to be able to start working for you.

We can help you fill and send all forms, tax return and even take care of your self employed paperwork.

Contact us for more details about your situation on 0871-218-4UTR or 0871-218-4887

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Need help with your tax return?


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We offer to do all the paperwork and follow up the process to make sure you obtain your UTR Number as Self Employed or for Self Assesment.

We would also register you online as Self Employed.
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